“Quijote en Reposo”

Client-Focused Representation

With almost 20 years of experience in the New Orleans area, Ferriol Pérez is a Hispanic-owned, full service law firm founded by a husband and wife team, who saw a need in the local community for client-focused legal representation; for the kind of personal and dedicated service that should be intrinsic to a counselor or advocate but seems to be in decline in the profession today.

What is client-focused representation? It is representation driven by the client, not the business. Representation that is accessible and compassionate, provided by advocates who will take the time to counsel and educate the client while assisting them to navigate through an unfamiliar and often times uncomfortable situation. It is the kind of representation where the client can feel confident in knowing where they are at all times throughout the process, and where they will ultimately be at its end. More importantly, it is the only kind of representation we at Ferriol Pérez provide.

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